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Bee Themed Editable Desk Name Tags

Bee Themed Editable Desk Name Tags

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Colorful editable student name tags make desk assignments simple and fun. This set features six different editable student desk name plates for desks, cubbies, notebooks, tables, and more. Includes an editable pdf and an editable Powerpoint file to give you editing options.


  • 6 different editable name tags
  • 1 editable pdf
  • 1 editable PowerPoint file

These editable name tags are great for:

  • student desks
  • locker tags
  • word walls
  • vocabulary cards
  • foreign language learning labels

* * Please note, in order to use the PowerPoint file, you must have access to the PowerPoint program. The PDF file doesn't require any special program to access and edit, however you will likely need a program such as the paid version of Adobe in order to change the font. * *


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