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Camping Themed Reward Tags

Camping Themed Reward Tags

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These camping themed reward tags decorated with colorful retro RVs, tents, and s'mores are the perfect way to show your amazing students how proud you are of them. Reward tags are quick, simple, fun to collect classroom rewards that won't break the bank.


Students love to show off the tags they've earned! After printing, these tags can be laminated and worn on a necklace or backpack ring or collected in a book.


Reward tags work for struggling students too! "I Keep Trying", "My Teacher is Proud of Me", and "I'm Learning from My Mistakes" are positive encouragement to students who need it most.


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75 tags

Each tag measures 2 x 3"

Each tag comes 10 identical tags to a page.


Tags included:


My desk is neat

Good listener

Awesome reader

I know my sight words

Math whiz

Good effort

Good self-control

100% Great job

Let's Read S'more

Fearless with fractions

Qualified with quotients

Multiplication master

Dynamite with decimals

Adept at addition

Superb at subtraction

My teacher is proud of me

Winter break

Fall break

Spring break

Summer break

Creative thinker

Good friend

I am helpful

I am kind

I am respectful

I am a good sport

I follow directions

I follow rules

I am a leader

I have a positive attitude

Neat handwriting

Neat work

Great participation

I am unique

I am a hard worker

Science star

Word wizard

Stellar speller

Good behavior

Good behaviour

Perfect attendance

Homework star

Super Helper

I listen the first time

100 days smarter

Writing rock star

Happy Camper

I love school

I'm a team player

Ready to learn

I keep trying

I am an encourager

You matter

Good citizen

Great improvement

I make good use of my time

Star student

I can do it

Happy birthday

I did my best

I am learning from my mistakes

I know math facts (for 2's through 12's)

Be the best you can be

I did it

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

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